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Voluntary Euthanasia/ Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Voluntary Euthanasia/ Physician-Assisted Suicide as being practiced in some parts of the western world today to me is immoral. Physician-Assisted suicide ( physician provide patients with drugs to kill them) is legal in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Japan , as well as states like Washington, Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, and Montana. This policy should be changed for these following logical and ethical reasons because to me it is unjust.
Alternative treatment that exists makes voluntary euthanasia/ physician-Assisted Suicide is highly unethical.
It is widely believed that there is only two options open to patients with serious terminal illness which is either to they are left to die slowly in unrelieved pain and suffering or they receive euthanasia. In fact, there is a better creative and compassionate caring ways, serious and well thought out research in Palliative or comfort medicine in recent years has shown that virtually all unpleasant symptoms experienced in the process of terminal illness relieved or greatly alleviated by technique already available. Example, Mayo Clinic where I work is great testimony about what good palliative care could achieve other than outright euthanasia or even Hospices care in-patient facilities across the country where it has been proven to work. This makes it hard for doctors to easily opt to euthanasia in most cases.
Voluntary euthanasia/Physician-Assisted Suicide is hardly freely voluntary as it meant to be believed.
A patient with terminal illness is certainly vulnerable, he lacks the knowledge and skills to alleviate his or her own symptoms, and most times may well be suffering from fear about future and anxiety about the effect his or her illness is having on others. It is very difficult for him to be entirely objective about his or her own situation. Those who always manage terminally ill patients should recognize that patients often suffer from depression or false sense of worthlessness which may affect their sense of Judgment.
Voluntary euthanasia/Physician-Assisted Suicide clearly renders medical research irrelevant.
Medical research has always been the major driving force behind the exceptional medical advances made for years which has been the desire to develop treatments for previously serious illness, and willingness to alleviate unmanageable symptoms. When the focus changes from curing the condition to killing the individual with the condition, then our world is in trouble. Euthanizing patients with Down’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis and Spina bifida is a drawback from great advancement made over years.
Voluntary euthanasia/Physician-Assisted Suicide arrogates much power on medical doctors.
Medical doctors are given the sole authority to carry out euthanasia in these cases and that will definitely lead to abuse and neglect on the side of physicians to determine who lives and who deserves to die. They are given the role to play as God the creator of mankind, which normally leads to abuse of power or authority.
Voluntary euthanasia leads to slippery slope.
Legalizing euthanasia across the world sure leads to slippery slope which is a situation whereby patients of terminal illness will start considering getting euthanized just because it seems it is an easy way and means to avoid pain and suffering to oneself and family.
Autonomy as good as it may sound should not be absolute when it comes to euthanasia.
Autonomy is important, but we all value the opportunity of living in a free society, but also recognize that personal autonomy has its limits. Rights need protection, but must be balanced against responsibilities and restrictions if we are to be truly free. We are not free to do things which limit or violates the reasonable freedom of others. No one should make decision to end his or her life in isolation.