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In the elements in assault first well here are the facts. Dawn lost her balance by falling into Jason in the elevator, which was an accident. To have assault one of the elements has to be and intentional act. Due to the facts it was an accident she ran into Jason in the elevator. Dawn didn’t mean to fall into Jason in the elevator. Secondly I believe by the facts on what happened Dawn didn’t cause a reasonable apprehension to harm him in a harmful or offensive matter. So I believe Jason could not sue Dawn for assault because none of the elements are there for assault.
The elements in battery are an intentional act and causes harmful or offensive contact. To accuse someone of battery you have to have an intentional act. Dawn didn’t intentionally fall into Jason so he can’t use this claim to pursue battery against her. Also another element that has to be included battery is that it has to cause harmful or offensive contact. When dawn fell into Jason in the elevator he wasn’t harmed and she didn’t intentionally do the offensive contacts. So then Jason can’t sue Dawn for Battery because she doesn’t have any of the elements to do so.
The elements of false imprisonment are as fallows. The first element is it has to be an intentional act. Jason stands in front of the open elevator door for a minute to block Dawn in the elevator. So by doing that she could us this element against Jason as false imprisonment. But there is another element she has to consider before she can sue Jason for false