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Law Enforcement
Patricia A. Vail
Charles Evelyn
April 6, 2015

Former Chicago Police Commander
Jon Burge
 Police

commander condoned and participated in torture of prisoners

◦ Electric shock
◦ Suffocation with plastic bags and typewriter covers
◦ Mock executions
◦ Brutal attacks on the genitals

 Over

a 100 black men
 14 cases with death sentences were from confessions obtained by torture  Four

victims released from death row

 Over

20 victims still jail
 65 claims of torture are currently being reviewed Former Chicago Police Commander
Jon Burge
 Prosecuted

for lying
 Not for the deeds
 Sentenced to serve four and a half years  Served three and a half years

Chicago Spent
 Burge’s

receives pension ($54,000) per year
 Over $20 million defending Burge and his crew
 Victims received little or nothing


Reparations Ordinance
• $20 million fund to compensate survivors
• Public apology from the City of Chicago
• Establish center
• Treatment
• Education
• Job training

• Mandates that the history of Chicago police torture be taught in public schools
• Memorials to the survivors be erected

Former Atlanta Police Officer Sentenced to
Prison for Accepting Bribes
 Three

officers arrested for accepting bribes
 The crime were committed from June
2007 through August
 They prevented on duty officers from investigating illegal activities  Gambling, prostitution, drug sales, and permit violations, Charges/Punishment

Elton Augustin
◦ Bribery
◦ Lying to Federal Agents

Lucius T. Solomon
◦ Bribery
◦ Drug trafficking

Two years supervised release
100 hours of community service

12 years in prison

Eric Jones o Bribery

o Waiting to be sentenced

Michigan Officer being investigated for excessive force, planting evidence

Traffic Stop turns violent
 Punched

Officers Excuse

Thought he was armed Resisted arrest
Fleeing police

in head more than a dozen times  Kicked repeatedly
 Tassered three times  Needed 10 officers for 57 year old man

Allegations of Officer Melendes

Being sued for excessive force in 2011
2003 indicted on charges

 Stealing drugs and money from suspects (acquitted 2004)
 Planting evidence
 Falsifying reports

2004 lawsuit

 Falsifying reports
 Threats and intimidating statements (lawsuit settled)

2002 lawsuit

 Planted gun on suspected (lawsuit settled)

1999 wrongful death lawsuit