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Chapter 9-Law Enforcement
Which is the largest and most visible section of law enforcement?

-The patrol section. It consists of the men and women working in uniform 24 hours a day , 365 days a year. They handle calls for service from the public in motor vehicles , on orse-backs . or on foot. Patrol is the essence of the police mission.
What are the three basic functions of patrol?

-The basic purpose of patrol is to deter or eliminate the opportunity for a suspect or suspects to commit a crime , crime prevention , and patrol offers services not directly connected to criminal behavior.
What are the goals of Community Policing?
-Community policing is an attempt to work with the community in solving problems that either cause crime or contribute to the instability of the neighborhood
Who is responsible for the first fingerprint classification system?
-The Henry System of Fingerprint Classification is now the standard system used by law enforcement. Francis Galton (1822-1911) contributed the first comprehensive study and techniques for classifying fingerprints.
Chapter 10-The Court System
Know the definition of:

state vs. federal court
trial court
limited jurisdiction

-Jurisdiction in this context simply means the ability of the court to enforce laws and punish individuals who violate those laws.
-Crime cases start and finish in trial courts
-The trial court conducts the entire series of acts that culminate in either the defendant’s release or sentencing

Special jurisdiction – hear and decide issues such as traffic tickets or set bail for criminal defendants.

General jurisdiction – granted authority to hear and decide all issues that are brought before them

Appellate jurisdiction
- reserved for courts that hear appeals from both limited and general jurisdiction courts

Know the function of:

Writ of certiorari – This is an order to a lower court to send the records of the case to the supreme court for review. ( If four justices of the U.S supreme court vote to hear a case , the court with issue a Writ of Certiorari )

Victim bill of rights – the perpetrator of a crime is guaranteed certain rights within the form of our government . These federal constitutional protections concerning individual rights are for most part binding on state courts.

Victim impact statement
the prosecutor – has the duty to ensure justice not merely to convict. If the prosecutor gas a reasonable basis for believing that the defendant is not guilty the prosecutor should not attempt to obtain a conviction.

Defense attorney - the 6th amendment guarantees that the accused shall have the right to assistance of counsel in all criminal cases , the defense attorney is an officer of the court and as such he or she cannot present false evidence , allow perjury to be committed . or break the law in defending the accused.Ωaq 2090

Jury - the focal point of the criminal justice system , the general rule for state crimes was that in serious crimes the accused had a right to a jury trial but not In minor offenses ,

bail – requires the defendant to guarantee his or her appearance at trial by posting a money bond , the purpose of bail was to assure the defendant’s attendance in court when his presence is required ,

Opening statements – After preliminary matters have been disposed of , the jury is seated in the jury box. The prosecutor has the opportunity to make an opening statement. This statement is not evidence , but may be used to inform the jury of the direction the prosecutor will take the case.

Closing arguments – After both sides have rested the prosecution presents its closing argument. The defense then presents its