Law Enforcement In Colonial America

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Law enforcement has not always been so high tech or up to date. Nor has Law Enforcement always held the same caliber and respect by citizens of countries all around the world. Law enforcement has progressed over time and will continue to do so. When thinking of law enforcement, thoughts have to be taken back to older times such as 1500’s.
Policing and social control in Colonial America(1585-1776) is totally different from today’s time and the capability of law enforcement. In 1585, the founding of the first colony on Roanoke Island. Also many groups of settlers from different areas such as Germany, Holland, Scandinavia and England began new lives in North America eastern seaboard. The British became the dominant presence in North America. In this time era the Frame of Government which is a constitution written by William Penn and adopted by Pennsylvania colonists in 1701. This constitution was used to explain the rights of Pennsylvania colonists. During this time there was also slave patrols, night watches, constables, and sheriffs.
Early developments and modeling of policing(1780-1880) was a time where the judiciary act of 1789 was established. During
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This era created other professional associations such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Police benevolent associations were also created in this time. Police benevolent associations were basically programs to assist injured or disabled officers and widows of officers. Lola Greene Baldwin was the first policewoman to be hired in the City of Portland, Oregon in 1908 and Alice Stebbins Wells was the second. This era was actually a big part in history for women considering they were moving upward in society. Jobs like this were definitely hard to pursue in that era. Also, the establishment of state police and highway patrol happened. This allowed America to be considered more