The Importance Of Passions In My Life

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As I crossed the pages of my story, into its next chapter this past fall I was unsure of the direction I wanted to go in. For a long time, I’ve been wafting through the waters of uncertainty looking for a shore on which to dock my passions. At times I felt like I was starting drown as I struggled to find my way to something I cared about and could see myself dedicated to. Through my struggles, my mind constantly grasped for support to stay afloat. And in that same fashion, as I continued on my path, I found myself recounting memories that showed me the way.

My life support had always been my grandmother. In the times of instability in my life when my parents found themselves unsuited to care for me, she was there by my side teaching me how to be more self-dependent. Often I recount the afternoons spent in her kitchen as she taught me her old world recipes for potatoes and chicken and taught me valuable skills like how to iron and sew. A few years ago, as she was approaching the end of her life, I was deeply affected as I saw the person who I was my support system become increasingly weak. Eventually, she was no longer the lively person she had once been but rather could barely even move around without an oxygen tank any longer. Around that time, a non-profit foundation stepped forward to provide her support in difficult times with legal and medical services to help her final days. As I’ve been looking to find myself this semester, these memories have come into my recollection.

In process, I’ve found myself interested in the law for the capacity in which I would be able to help others. In the future, I look to pursue a Juris Doctorate with a concentration in public law with the hopes that eventually I’ll end up working with a non-profit to benefit communities and low income individuals in need of legal services. Like the way in which my grandma was able to depend on these individuals who volunteered their services to her in a time of need, I want to be able to help people argue for and pursue their rights as individuals to justice or sustenance. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found myself more and more appreciative of lawyers, the justice they’ve finagled out of rough situations, and the rights they’ve helped individuals assert and pursue.

Currently I am pursuing a bachelors in international studies. This degree path