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Antwaun Pierce
MGMT412-1302B-02 Project Management
Unit 3 project 2

In review of the budget and the planned development schedule of the new project. The sale department would implement a skilled Media Coordinator that has experience in commercial marketing to coordinate the purchasing of print space in newspapers and magazines, and broadcast time on radio and television for advertising. The media coordinator needs to have experience in analyzing statistic models to determine the best media plan for the project, based on maximum media effectiveness for the project. The coordinator will work with a media team of four to determine where to place ads based on the projects objectives and budgets for commercials. The project will also need to implement an Advertising Manager that has experience in commercial marketing to develop the projects advertising strategy for sales and technical perspectives. The advertising manager will need experience negotiating agreements without sales representatives as well as managing the media kits. They are generally responsible for managing a group of advertising sales representatives at least four for this project of six weeks. The project will also target a Media Buyer that has experience in commercial marketing for purchasing media space or time, as well as developing the campaign and researching how it will be most effective for the project. The media buyer will need to have experience in finding a combination