The Beginning Of Industrial Strikes In The 19th Century

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At the beginning of the chapter I was interested in reading about the hollywood strikes, when the writers stood up for better pay. Reading about the 2008 hollywood strikes made me realize the huge affect and change a employees can do. I was blown away by the affect it made on production companies, due to the strikes they lost millions of dollars. I believe if the employers focused more on their employees and gave them better wages and salaries, they would actually save money and have a better workforce.
I also found the beginning of labor unions to be interesting. Just how the workforce in america began, with workers from all around Europe and Africa came to america, to escape poverty and unemployment, and find jobs. With the industrial era rising, the were more workers in mills, oil refineries, and railroads. The owners of big companies wanted to increase the speed of their product production, while making the most money out of it, so they would increase the amount of workers, and lower their wages. When changes in the workforce started, the national labor union was founded. It was done for a political and workforce purpose. There was a need for a union to protect the skilled and unskilled workers in america.
I was amazed by how many incidents happened before the workers could actually make some changes. Just reading about the railway strike of 1877, the Haymarket Square Riot, KOL, Pullman strike of 1894, Bunker Hill & Sullivan incident, and the colorado massacre of 1914 made me realize how tough the situations was, and how troubling and sad it was for the workers and for their families. I