Law: Trademark and Item Online Essay

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This article will be going over how company went from having customer who came into there store to giving them the option to sale there item online to customer all over the world. It will list the good that it has done as well as the bad that has also come along with having a company sale item or market there item online. There are so many things that could go wrong such as someone else buying your company domain.

Sine the company deal with online for everything there are a lot of risk that are involve such as the customer information being put out for other to get. The law that may apply where the company headquarter may be located at might be different depending on the jurisdiction. Then you have to worry about domain and trademark being use by other people and this can cause a lot of issue with people going to fake site and putting there information in.

As a manger or even a owner of a company you would want to make sure that you have setting on your site that protect people information from other and other sites. Buying up domain so that other cannot make a site that could mislead people into thinking that the site is what it is not. As a company you owe that to the people that are buying your product online to protect them. By have the option to buy item online save the company a lot of money on payroll benefit. So why not use that money to protect the company and…