Essay about Laws and Functions

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Role and Functions of Law Paper
Alicia Habbyshaw
March 4th, 2013
LAW/421-Prof. McAdams
Axia College of the University of Phoenix

Laws are set by government to create a better society and business transactions. Laws are created and do force us to give some our freedom to be able to live in a safe environment and feel comfortable to make transactions. Through laws it helps adjust social behavior, which allows society to work effectively. Laws also are put forth to have ethical standards in society and business. Many years ago some wise men set business laws in the constitution in varies ways. In the constitution, society rules were set to ensure that no one would believe they were better than another therefore and also set laws on trading and billing on imports and exports. It also allows for states and federal laws to have their own rules depending on the state’s economy and the country economy as a whole. In order to understand law it is best to take a look at the process the laws goes through to become one and what different kind of laws there are to understand them.
The three branches of government which are legislative, executive, and judicial. Legislation is the branch which makes the law. This is introduced in the form of a bill. There are many committees within this branch and one of them will address the bill. After they have categorized it moves onto congress. In order for it to get through congress the bill needs to get majority vote of all the people in the House of Representatives and senate which is what congress is made up of. After the legislative branch has decided if the bill (law) is good enough to move it with go to the executive branch. At this stage the president opinion comes into play. The presidents’ opinion can be as strong to put an end to the process of the law being made by vetoing the bill. If the law does end up getting past the president then it will go to the judicial branch. This is the final stage that it will reach in which the Supreme Court becomes involved and a final decision will be made. Powers are balanced fairly well because everyone gets to take a glance at the bill if necessary. If not then it will save time for more important laws they need to be handled. Some examples of the big decisions made branches of government are desegregation, right for females, freedom of speech, and so much more. It is good to know we have a system that handles so of the most important matter so we can be where we are today!
Substantive law comes from the common law and from legislative statutes. It refers to all categories of public and private law, including the law of contracts, real property, torts, and criminal law. Procedural law comprises the rules; the rules are designed to ensure a fair and consistent application of due process to all cases that come before a court. Criminal law is a branch of law which concerns crimes which are committed against the public authority. While civil law is used to describe a body of law that is centered on finding peaceful resolutions to non-criminal disputes. When all else fails common law can be used which is when no