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Laws of life Have you ever had one of those moments where something traumatizing happened to you and it made you learn a very valuable lesson that you would never forget. Well I had one of those moments about three years ago at a community pool, on a nice sunny summer afternoon. I was at my friend Eden’s house playing Xbox when his Mom asked if we wanted to go to the pool, and as I’m sure any pair of twelve year old friends would say we said yes.

As we arrived at the pool we got out of the car, grabbed our things, and headed up to the front gates of the pool. We quickly secured our seats in the shade and rushed over to the high dive. It was almost our turn on the diving board when Eden’s mom yelled out “You boys get your butts back here and put on some sunscreen. “And following that was the lecture on how we need to “reapply” our sunscreen or else we would be red as lobsters by the time we got home. So after about an hour and three “reapplications” of sunscreen I asked Eden if he was hungry, Of course he said yes so we played Rock, Paper, scissors to see who would go and get the cooler from the car. Eden lost so he began the short trip back to the car. I was about to get out of the pool but I noticed my goggles missing from my pocket. I spotted them in the eight foot part of the pool. I dove down to get them and I noticed a boy lying face down on the bottom of the pool. I went back to the surface for air and then dove back down to the bottom; I poked the boy hoping for a response that did not come. I grabbed the boy and swam as fast as I could to the surface. As soon as I hit the surface I headed to the ladder shouting “Help! He’s not breathing call 911.” Another person helped me maneuver the boy out of the pool and I began CPR. I continued CPR while many frantic people were calling 911, I glanced over to my left to see the boy’s mother crying holding the boys head keeping it off the concrete just hoping that her child would awaken to be OK. The paramedics arrived no more than seven minutes after the boy was pulled out of the pool, but I’m sure it felt like hours to that poor boy’s