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Do you ever hear voices?

Telling you to do terrible things. Unimaginable things. Telling you that violence is the answer.
Late at night, trying to find peace and serenity in the dull light of your life, screaming and moaning, terrified howls and screeches, some as frequent and clear as though you’re experiencing it before your very eyes?
Do you ever feel like the voices are right?
Like maybe, just maybe, you should listen to the psychotic ramblings of your subconscious.
Take control.
Take action.
Take it all away.
I do.
I hear the demonic tones of the cries.
Beseeching me to do the deeds of the un-dead. Finish the job that should of been finished so long ago, and make the dark shadows happy.
Try to ignore?
Forget the requests?
Screams so loud that you wonder if anyone else can hear them, so vivid they make your stomach churn and your imagination ripple, setting scenes and repeating over and over again inside your head
Children screaming, crying, dying.
Hard to ignore. Hard to forget. Embedded in your memory for eternity, like a nail embedded in concrete.
The disturbing sounds of torture and death.
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just... took it all away?
Ended the life that the corrupt monsters are feeding on.
The problem is they want more. They want control, and they are determined to get it at any cost.
Monsters so malevolent and malicious that they will take the lives of many to get control of few.
How can we fight it?
How can you wrestle with your conscience, when they know you better than you know yourself?
Truth can’t.
You can't fight it, you can't stop