LB Waltham Forest Personal Home Support DPS Essay

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London Borough of Waltham Forest

Personal Home Support
Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Waltham Forest Council – Who we are:
Senel Arkut – Divisional Director Adult Social Services
Darren Newman – Head of Service Design and Contract Management
Kim Sharpe – People Category Manager

What the presentation will cover:
• Waltham Forest – a context
• How we currently deliver Personal Home Support and our future vision for the service
• What we are going to do moving forward and why
• How we’re going to do it
• Matrix SPS

Waltham Forest – Context

How we currently deliver Personal Home
Framework agreement expires October 2015
28 Providers
Annual Value: £6.3m +
Framework agreement is commissioned from using a quality matrix against set rates

Personal Home Support – Needs Analysis

Numbers of Service Users (as of October 2014)

Personal Home Support – Needs Analysis

Current Categories of Care (as of October 2014)

Personal Home Support – Needs Analysis

Number of Service Users receiving Personal Home Support by hours planned per week (as of
October 2014)

Vision for Personal Home Support
• Lots of challenges to meet
• Striving to ensure that we have a robust Personal Home
Support service in place which:
– Delivers a high quality, consistent service to our residents
– Recognises, responds to and delivers individual service user needs and outcomes
– Flexible and adaptable
– Delivered by a market with a broad skills base to keep pace with changing times
– Supports a reablement ethos to promote independence
– Delivers value for money

So how will we deliver the vision?
• Re-commission our Personal Home Support service from October 2015
• Establish a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) through which we will procure and commission Personal Home Support
• DPS – a procedure under the Public Contract Regulations 2015
• Similar to an electronic framework agreement but new providers can join at any time
• Fully electronic process
• Matrix SPS will provide a system to manage the DPS – SProc.Net
• Outcome-based commissioning pilot to move towards a person centred model in first year

Why we are using a DPS?

Commissioning process will be fully electronic
More efficient for providers and the Council
Allows providers to join at any point during the 4 years to encourage market