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Vision: ­ Creating positive community interactions school wide led by athletes; engaging all students in positive community
­ Developing a safe forum for leaders to share common experiences from their respective teams
­ Provide our natural leaders with the tools to more effectively lead
­ Creating an environment in which students hold teammates and peers accountable
­ To develop a sense of pride so that all kids feel safe supporting one another
­ Promote open communication between students (athletes) and adults (coaches)
­ Encourage involvement in community affairs Items for discussion: 1.
How can we most effectively reach our vision?
Are there things that are missing from your athletic/high school experience?
As a student­athlete, what is your role in our community? How does this differ from what your coach says is your role?
Do you feel there’s a need or have we accomplished this vision already?
One of the vision statements is to create accountability to one another. Is there a need to enhance this accountability? Is it already there? Do we have a need to include and AODA component? People only know us for sports. We have a lot more to offer than just sports. We are more than just our sports. Maybe we need to be more than just sports. Its stressful to be an athlete It motivates me to make the community come together Create an executive committee to plan events. Captain’s council.

If this is where we are going: 1.
Who should be involved?
When should we meet?
What should we be called?
How formal do we want the proceedings to be?
What do we need to do to make this worthwhile and valuable to those who attend?

10/7 Meeting Preble PALS ­ student led, not always athletes Who should be involved? ● Incorporate all activities
● Ask coaches to identify leaders
○ Provide coaches with a list of criteria
○ Incorporate rising stars and veteran leaders concept
○ Rising Stars are Freshmen/Soph while Veteran Leaders
○ Table the discussion on the number of clubs What does our group do? ● Should coaches be invited?
● Service projects
● Keep it to service until we get more established First Event: ● Something prior to the holidays ­ Something with Project Unify
● Basketball event with Meet the Rockets
○ Each person invites a friend to be a “Rising Star”
○ Create a Meet the Rockets

Get in touch with Strick to see if he would announce...maybe Werner...Intros with t­shirts First Halftime Skills Contest Second Buboltz: Touch base with Bork ­ Timeline of the events for basketball night
­ Involvement of Booster Club
­ T­shirt giveaway

Captain’s Council: ­ Touching base with coaches and student section leaders
­ Develop a script as a launch for Captain’s Council

Meet the Rockets Too
Meet the Rockets 2
Meet the Rockets 2.0
Meet the Rockets ­ Second Mission
Meet the Rockets ­ Phase 2
Phase 2 (One of Kemper's brilliant ideas) (WOOO! That was Greg’s Idea) Prior to the event: All ­ Buboltz call Jim Strick regarding the event
­ Werner will e­mail all the parents
­ Matt is going to begin a video presentation
­ Individually will contact teams