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Communication barriers exist all around us. Misinterpretations abound in our discussions with team members. We delete, distort and generalise information in every conversation. And yet we think we clearly understand what others are saying and why they are saying it.
These barriers exist because we put them there. There are many ways we interpret information given to us by others, and these cause us to have a mis-alignment of understanding. How can we reduce the barriers that effectively blind us to meaning and comprehension? Here are seven ways:
1) Understand others see things differently to you. Try to predict the feelings and attitude of the receiver. What will their expectation be? What about their state of mind when you are communicating? What prejudices might they have? If you know these things before communicating, you reduce the risk if misinterpretation.
2) Get feedback from the receiver. Don’t just ask, ‘Do you Understand?’. They will more often than not say ‘yes’ because they see things in the way they want to understand it. Ask instead what is their understanding of the message, and how they see it.
3) As often as possible, speak face-to-face. This will allow for questions and, most importantly, allow you to see the body language, which will convey much more meaning than over the phone or through email.
4) Use language that fits the audience. Don’t try to impress by using language and words that may be distorted by the listener(s). It simply makes them confused and inadequate. Plus, they won’t be listening to you while they try to work out what on earth you are on about.
5) Use the right communication channel. Don’t send an email if it’s quicker to pick up the phone or go and talk to the person. Use email for its proper