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Task 1 Part A
January 2, 2015
In What Jane Austen Knew, Priyanka Chopra on Educating Girls.
Priyanka Chopra was born and raised in India both of her parents were doctors, when she was 9 years old they took her in one of their trips to help people without access to doctors. It was a turning point in her life; she experiences the pain, the impotence, the helplessness of these girls. In this article Chopra, believe that girls in India and around the world have new opportunities of education and a better chance for success; she “vowed to help those girls as much as she could” (Chopra 2014).
Words like “education”, “empowerment”, “successful” clearly show what she wants and believe these girls can accomplish “If I can do this, so can countless other girls!” (Chopra 2014).
Chopra, P. (2014, December 4). What Jane Austen Knew Priyanka Chopra on Educating Girls. Retrieved January 2, 2015, from
On the fourth day, I started to cry during the ride home. Were the little girls being punished? I asked my parents. What had they done wrong? My parents tried to explain as best they could the stigma that surrounded and still surrounds girls in our country. How do you explain that to a 9-year-old? What I took away from the discussion was that the parents we met believed that their sons were better than their daughters. It rankled. I couldn’t understand why, but from that moment, I vowed to help those girls as much as I could.
That experience, and the time I spent working with my parents after that