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Week 3 DQs

How would you define power? How would you define influence? What are some distinctions between power and influence in an organizational setting? How may power and influence positively affect an organization? How may power and influence negatively affect an organization? Provide specific examples to support your answer.
Power can be defined as the authority one has to make use of it in turning things to happen. While influence is the innate capability that affects the way people think or simply change the behavior of one person. The ability of influencing others comes internally while power comes from external factors. Without the authority, people can influence other people in order to change their behavior or make them to do something.
The difference between power and influence in an organization is that of the capability that comes in the form of power when one is given a higher rank in the organization. People with ability to influence can influence people working around them or even their bosses. A company is positively affected by power and influencing capabilities. An example would be of an organization that has the power to change the industry can do so with strategic objectives. It may also negatively affect by decreasing the motivational factor among employees.
Identify a public or political leader. What kind of power does this leader possess? What Influence tactics does this leader normally use based on his or her power? Provide a specific example of an influence tactic this person has not used. What would happen if the leader used this tactic? How would his or her power be affected? I would choose the first president and the key figure in bringing revolution to our country as a political and public leader. His major strength was his leadership capabilities alongside his resilient