Essay on Lead effective meetings

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Understand how to lead effective meetings

A meeting is a gathering of two or more people which can be formal or informal and is convened to achieve a common goal through verbal interaction.

Purpose of a meeting

Meetings are held for a variety of reasons, with the most important being communication. Within the National Health Service we hold monthly staff meetings for the purpose of receiving updates from managers, exchanging information and ideas, sharing views, co-ordinating activities and formulating plans for the service we deliver. This type of meeting is also a good opportunity for staff to keep in touch, gather information, to express concerns as a collective and network. Meetings are also held to problem solve, make
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At the designated start time, perhaps allowing a few minutes for and stragglers, the Chairperson brings the meeting to order. House- keeping points are noted first, such as locations of toilets, fire escapes and refreshments. It would also be prudent to ask for phones to be switched to silent. The secretary makes a note of those present with any apologies submitted. The minutes of the previous meeting are read and any matters arising from these and actions taken are checked and noted. The agenda is discussed in the order set out with a short interval at some point. Meetings are usually confidential to the attendees unless otherwise stated. Timed meetings should be brought to a close in good time and it is good manners for the chairperson to thank everyone for their attendance and a reminder of the next meeting time and date is given. The chairperson should be available informally after a meeting to discuss anything in more detail, or for an attendee to gain further clarification if required.

Positive and negative actions that can affect meetings

There are many factors that make meetings run well, or in some cases, poorly. Having a code of conduct that promotes respect and good manners and having a pleasant and easily accessible venue are excellent starting points. Clear agendas and objectives, and meetings that are focussed are