Essay on Leader: Leadership and Task

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As I took the Leadership Behavior Self-assessment it really made me think about my leadership skills. My scores were higher for the people oriented part of the test than on the task oriented part. I scored an eighteen on the task part and a twenty on the people part. There was not a huge difference in the scores. I did realize that I am stronger in the areas of being an active listener, compromiser and encourager. I am not good at starting the conversations or the task or being the one to give the directions. I am a much better follower than I am a leader. This outcome shows that I am more concerned about the people than the task itself and that I do better as a behind the scenes participator than to be up front leading and telling others what needs to happen. I am very good at taking the direction not giving direction.


The areas that I showed the most strength in is listening to other peoples ideas, thoughts and opinions. I like to hear what other people have to say about things and here what their feelings are. I am more of an introvert and I have learned that I do better as a follower. I am willing to accept other peoples opinions and ideas. When they are sharing what they believe and feel I do not get confrontational and let them have the time they need to express themselves. Another thing that I believe is a strength is that I recognize that I am better at being a follower so I do not try to take the