Leader vs Manager Essay

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How do you get team up and running quickly?
The success of a project manager lies in his or her ability to leverage the competencies of others against the requirements of the work to be done. Taking time up front to attend to team start-up issues is essential for team success at every phase of the project life cycle. This means getting the right people, with the right competencies, in the right framework at each project phase, to ensure successful achievement of project goals.
• Project
• Add People to the Project
• Get Things Done

In a crisis situation what role does a team leader need to play?
A Team Leader is appointed to take charge of the situation immediately and encourage the employees to work as a single unit. The first step is to understand the main areas of concern during emergency situations. The team then works on the various problems and shortcomings which led to crisis and team members must understand where things went wrong and how current processes can be improved and made better for smooth functioning of the airport. It is important to prioritize the issues the airport was having. Know which problems must be resolved immediately and which can be attended a little later. Make sure you have accurate information. Double check your information before finalizing the plan. Implement the plans immediately for results. Proper feedback must be taken from time to time.

What characteristics of effective teams would this team need? Explain
• Clear Goals: Individual contributors must collectively understand and commit to their team’s purpose. Therefore, it is up to the manager to clearly define the expectations and responsibilities for each role, and ensure alignment between the person and the role. What is the group trying to accomplish? What work needs to be done to achieve the desired outcome?
• Relevant Skill: While managers should strive to have some consistencies in