Essay on Leaders Cannot Let You Be a Failure

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In the overall analysis of “leaders can let you fail, but not be a failure”, ‘fail’ is more or less used as a current or temporary situation and ‘failure’ refers to something over a period of time or long term. Coming to the case study on Nasr and Parson, Parson didn’t fit the profile or was ready to become a leader immediately due to a multiple reasons. Good leadership is a mixture of many ingredients like good judgment, decision making, ethics, soft skills, temper control, maturity etc and Parson lacked a ‘good score’ in many of these key parameters. As discussed in the face to face lectures, leader also has to have followers and to some extent is also in the eyes of the beholder. There is no evidence of any such incidence where Nasr worked with Parson to show him the right way of thinking and executing plans/projects. Leaders create leaders within their organization by percolating their own qualities below to their subordinates. He clearly failed on this point. ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬A leader has to cross all barriers (communication, geographical reach, generation gap etc) to make sure that the team is led in the right way. Parson didn’t feel to discuss the above mentioned issues with Nasr for the same reason. Colin Powell ( who has had a similar background to Gen. McChrystal) said if people stop coming to you with their problems then you have failed because people don’t see you as a leader anymore. These factors culminate in subject line result. In my situation, I was going to develop an automated transaction system for people handling inventory (working under me) in 6 months. But due to other important continuous tasks/projects in the company, this one never took off and had to avoid them/the subject a few times. After this, for some months the same people used to think twice before coming to me with issues, help etc. It took a while to regain that same camaradie and bond. I decided to go hand in hand next time onwards and never lost touch with anybody in the team. People again come to you and I decided to keep up with the same spirit and methods. As the General says, people leaders need to stand up for people, always be there and that’s how you should be as a real leader.

In “Why we have too few women leaders” Sheryl Sanberg, COO of Facebook gives some good insights of what you should give up on and what you shouldn’t as a leader. This is good for everybody, especially for women. Sheryl shared some words which I consider golden that ‘you have to stand up for yourself and create that image for yourself’. If you want to see people valuing you at some level personally and/or professionally, you need