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Interview Prep:
Hello, hows ur day going (good hbu )–
Great I have actually really enjoyed the conference so far and great presentation you had there
Now I know that time is short but I just wanted a few minutes of your time - to make a pitch to you – so that if an opening does come up for a summer analyst in the financial advisory division you can consider me for it
So my name is Kamil Rafique, a 2nd year finance student at the Schulich School of Business and I believe there are 4 reasons why I am a suitable candidate
1. I can deliver – as I have constantly delivered academically in all of my technical courses which is evident through my transcript
2. I am technically sound (have a core fundamental knowledge of both financial accounting and corporate finance) and I take initiative from a technical standpoint (I accelerated my learning this summer – by studying the textbook Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 5th Canadian Edition by Brealey – this textbook is also used to teach fine 2000 intro to finance and fine 3100 and financial management – so I learned this textbook before actually doing these courses and that is how I accelerated my learning)
3. I have the interpersonal skills (as I have worked in a multitude of teams with member of different ethnicities, beliefs and religions and I have interned in the treasury division of a bank in UAE)
4. Lastly – I can work long hours in tense situations to achieve the desired objective
Now if its fine with you can I leave