Leaders Who Became Psychopath

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Leaders Who Became Psychopath We as people all have at least one or more characteristics of a psychopath but it doesn't mean that we are. Some have become psychopath by the environment influence. Scientist have proven that psychopath don't use their frontal lope of their brain. A psychopath is a person who suffers from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. Most Totalitarian leaders became psychopaths lacking empathy and remorse.

A totalitarian leader, Stalin is an example of a psychopath furthermore in the article the five year plans- builders the White Sea canal said" these prisoners were supposed to receive more food and new clothing every year since their work was deemed so important, but this didn't happen. Their living conditions were substandard" this reveals how Stalin use prisoners to do a job and didn't receive any profit. Stalin didn't show any remorse or empathy but use them to accomplish he's goal that had no purpose , 25,000 of people died during that construction of the White Sea canal. In the other hand people meant say that Stalin is not a psychopath because he's priority was the Soviet Union and how he can I'm prove it by Communism, but he killed many people.

Another psychopath that change over time as the environment impacted him was Hitler. He didn't had any remorse or empathy for example in the document Hitler's rise of power it said "between 1939 and 1945, Nazis and their collaborators were responsible for the deaths of 11 millions to 14 millions people, including about 6 millions Jews, representing two-thirds of the Jewish population in Europe" .