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For over centuries, people have debated whether leader is born or made. According to chapter 2 in the leadership book, it states that researchers believe great leaders possessed a set of traits, which portrayed and defined them. However in the chapter 3, “it suggests that knowledge and abilities are needed for effective leadership.” (Leadership, 43) Consequently what leaders really are, born or made? For decades ago, researchers started to answer the subjects. Yet, even now the debates are still going on. The phase “Charismatic leadership” really caught in my eye when I was reading. A charismatic leader is essentially a very skilled communicator, who is able to arouse strong emotions in followers and inspire them to new heights. And I believe people follow someone who they personally admire. However, charisma is just one of the measures of a person’s character. A great leader could make up with so many characteristics. Such as intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, sociability and etc. As we can see, traits indeed played an integral role in a leadership. On the other side, skill approach opens a door for those people who believe leadership can be learned and developed. Leaders can learn from their daily craft, from watching other leaders, from getting feedbacks and even from a training program. Afterwards, they modify and develop effect skills as well as behaviors to handle tasks in a more efficient way. As above, I would like to conclude