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My Leadership’s Philosophy
Introduction: My philosophy on leadership dictates that a great leader should master the skill of emotional intelligence, which works well with the characteristics of charisma, intelligence, people skills, and a sense of genuine concern towards those on your side.
Philosophy: Emotional intelligence is the ability to express and control one’s own emotions and it has the aptitude to understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others. It is the key to becoming an effective leader because it allows him or her to have total control of the situation and not letting his or her emotions blind their judgment.
Despite the benefits of emotional intelligence, I believe charisma may be one of the most important qualities of leadership. When attempting to deliver a message, it is important that the receiver can sense your passion, no matter what channel you choose to deliver the message through. Charisma can move people to believe that whatever you are saying is good, because of the way you say it. Whether the cause was good or bad, all leaders throughout history have possessed charismatic qualities.
I also believe it takes an excessive deal of intelligence to be a great leader. To me this means being able to think critically, outside the box, and in a way that most people do not. Not everyone is a leader, because most people find it easier to let their thoughts and opinions be chosen for them through popular opinion. To me, a leader is someone who uses intelligence to think for themselves, and always asks: how does it work, why is it the way it is, and can it