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Leadership, team building and communication are all components that are needed for effective management in a team and work environment. These three elements create an effective and successful organization for practical individual growth and organizational growth. As a leader, there are certain leadership and interpersonal qualities that are essential to have. It’s also important that those in the leadership position are aware of organizational stressors and how to eliminate them. The leader must have the ability to generate and maintain a good team, while providing methods to efficiently solve conflicts within the team.
In today workplace we work in a very diverse environment. Everyone is unique in their own way between the generational differences, cultural backgrounds and characteristics traits. These differences will sometimes create communication issues and the leader should be equipped with skills to rectify them. After examining contemporary, traditional, and emerging leadership theories, there are several areas that are very important to focus on. As a leader you need to be able portray certain characteristics that are imperative to be an effective leader, such as; stern yet open-minded, detail oriented, unbiased, and always being prepared. It is important for the leader to know what they want and how they want their organization to run before they involve any other staff members. In the certain office settings, they must know how and when the work is supposed to flow properly, how to handle difficult clients, be prepared for the unexpected. It is understandable that there will be some things that happen that are unexpected but a leader should have a plan in mind as to how they will handle the situation. One way is to have a good working relationship with your employees, get to know there personality and there work antics. Listen to concerns even though in the end the leader makes final decisions. Having the input of others helps to motivate and increase production. Detail orientation plays a role, part of being detail oriented is being prepared. Preparation is significant for all organizations no matter the size to make operations run smoothly. Finally, the leadership quality that may be the hardest to possess is being unbiased. Treating everyone equally is about the hardest job to maintain. Everyone has their own working style, some are hard workers and some are lazy. Exemplifying the same rules for everyone takes away the acts of favoritism. Having healthy working relationships is always good but being able to keep them separate from decisions making, rule enforcement, and policy and procedures. Guidelines must be enforced evenly across the board. ("Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader - Forbes", 2012) Interpersonal skills is a quality a leader must possess in order to create a productive environment in their organization. Some of the most important qualities are reliability, eagerness to learn, and being able to accept others. Reliable leader shows consistency and dependability. They provide a sense of comfort and stability, showing confidence and strong will. The employees must feel like their leader fulfill their responsibilities no matter the situation. Being reliable does not mean that the leader is there to do everything for the employees, it means that the leader is there to help guide and support their employees. You never know what not to do until you experience it. It is important that the leader make them available and the lines of communication are very open and clear. Trust and honesty are other aspects that make for an exceptional leader. Along with being reliable, it is important that the leader is eager to learn. There is nothing worse than a leader that feels like they have learned everything there is to learn and that is not willing to expand their knowledge. The world has become very innovative increasing the use of intelligent technologically Being up to speed and