Leadership and Martin Luther King Essay

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Martin Luther King Jr. a Natural Leader
Ruthanne Nielsen
Utah Valley University

What makes a person a good leader? What qualities does a good leader need to have people naturally follow them? Did they learn these qualities somewhere or it is inherent to who they are? Hours could be spent thinking about answers but the best definition of a good leader is to look at someone who has lead others and learn from them. Martin Luther King Jr. was a natural born leader who set an example of a life full of service and leadership for the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. had many good qualities that made him a natural leader. He was known as a quite man when he was in private meetings. Others around him would argue and get into heated discussions but he would calmly listen and give his final thoughts in a manner that was poised and refined without hatred towards anyone and offer a way to proceed forward. He had an amazing ability to get people to work together that would usually be fighting against each other for the same cause. Martin made sure that he kept all relationships healthy and happy and not to offend anyone who he thought could help him in his cause.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was a very trusted man. Those who followed him did so because they trusted that he could end discrimination and segregation. He set a precedent for those to follow by being not only trustworthy but teaching others the value of that quality so they could be leaders as well. He was a modern day Moses for the racially discriminated people of his time.
Another quality Martin had that made him a natural leader was patience. There was not just one thing that he did to end segregation or discrimination; it was many things over and over again that started to plant the seed for reform in the United States. He had a passion for his cause and had to have patience’s to finally get his message across and to have people take him seriously. There were times where he just wanted to give up and quit due to all the hardships that he faced and the hardships of his people but with his patience’s and kept going.
Determination was another good leadership quality in Martin Luther King, Jr. Without the will power or determination to complete what he had started, nothing would have ever changed in history and he may not have ever really been noticed as someone who changed the world. He had a goal and a dream that he knew he was bound to it till the day he died. When he was put into Birmingham Jail and endured other hardships, Martin did not give up on what he believed in. It seemed that everyone was against him but he had the determination to change history.
Martin displayed courage in is battle for rights. As a good leader, courage is founded upon the belief that the cause is just regardless at what cost. For Martin to stand up against millions of people takes courage. He had a dream that he believed in and courage to go forward and preach. It took courage for him to protest against a nation and world that did not want to make a change at that time.
Martin Luther King was also a great motivator. In his speeches he