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Written Assignment #2 Leadership xxxxx Biblical Concepts of Leadership Week two reading assignment on leadership
Leadership has many characters and no two leaders are the same. In the article Do Spiritual Gifts Help, it goes into detail of many types of ingredients that build good leaders trying to come up with the perfect formula. Unfortunately they could not pinpoint just a group of traits. Leaders are all types of people.
Section I
“To choose a direction, a leader must first have developed a mental image of a possible and desirable future state of the organization” ((Bennis & Nanus, 2003, p. 201) Leaders need a goal, something worthwhile. “Vision is a target that beckons.” ((Bennis & Nanus, 2003, p. 201) The organization that you are leading was built for a purpose they have a goal, a driving point and being the leader it is necessary to help the organization see that vision in order to reach its full potential. An organization needs to have a shared vision something for everyone to shoot for, that way they can work together as a team. As John Young, former head of Hewlett-Packard, said “The most brilliant management strategy will fail if that consensus is missing.” A clear vision is critical and most successful companies not only have one but it is common knowledge throughout the organization.
Section II A good leader should care for its people; they are a team and need to work together. Leaders should hire the right people for the job. This is crucial and many remarkable leaders agree that the people in your circle need to feel important and safe. Simon Sinek stated, “If you want to be a great leader, remember to treat all people with respect at all times. For one, because you never know when you’ll need their help. And two, because it’s a sign you respect people, which all great leaders do.” To be a great leader we must be willing to sacrifice the number and save the people. We should never give up someone so we will survive but sacrifice ourselves to save someone. We are always trying to grow and we should learn something new each day and I am no exception to that rule. As a parent we take risks daily, did we make the right decision, is she or he going to be ok? Recently I allowed my son to ride his bike home from friends at night. This doesn’t seem like a risk but he was hurt by some people driving by making me realize how great of a risk I actually allowed him to take. Work risks are prevalent daily as well. We rely on our people to get a job done if they can’t accomplish that goal then we are liable as bosses. Then we have risks even in our relationship with our spouse. I recently got married and that is putting a ton of faith and commitment in my husband. Not everyone might see it that way but having a previously failed marriage it can be scary. These are three different risks or what I would rather refer