Leadership and People Essay

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Leadership A leader is a person that guides others. Some people are born leaders and others have to work hard to become leaders. To be a leader you need to have vision. Always have a clear sense of where you want to go with your life. You need to be able to make decisions. Successful leaders are not afraid to make unpopular decisions because they have self- confidence. Also it is important to be able to take risks. To be willing to risk failure, don’t except perfection, no one wins all the time. Leaders grow up by learning from their mistakes. Another trait of good leaders is motivating others. You always need to help people and tell them how good they are doing. Good leaders need to be able to build teams. You would need to be able to coach teams and bring the best out in people. You would also need to possess self-knowledge. Leaders now their strengths and weaknesses and they know when they have to make changes. Good leaders also display integrity they need to be trustworthy and caring. Leaders also need to pursue life- long learning and communicate effectively. One of the most important traits is to help others succeed and achieve their full potential. You also need to always be dedicated and follow your instincts.
There are also six different zones of leadership Reflection, Society, Diversity, Ingenuity, People and Business. Every one of these plays a critical role in today’s business. Reflection is your motives, beliefs, attitudes, and actions. Reflection is when you’re asking yourself how you make sure you won’t make bad decisions, and that you will always learn from your mistakes. Society means you have fairness and respect for other people. Society teaches you how you can help others while benefiting