Leadership and Professional Development Plan Essay

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To develop skills for my team members so they are able to:
Identify each personal leadership style, their strengths and opportunities.
• Draw specific improvement actions to reach a more effective leadership style.
• This progress will be measured and reinforced through personal or group mentorship.
Learn their personal role as a leader and promoter of teamwork which is the guide to improve the productivity and achieve team objectives.
• Improve communication with the team
• Increase effectiveness and productivity within the group. Set clear objectives and concrete actions to achieve goals.
• Apply actions on some principles of Leaderships such as vision, interaction, learning, thrust, execution.
Stages of Solution
Diagnostic tools which lead the leadership style. We completed a DISC assessment in order to have our personal leadership style. This assessment was shared among all the members of the team and will allow us to develop our professional development plan.
Only from the understanding and evaluation of the differences between the team members, it is possible to improve communication, cooperation, and effectiveness of the group. The results from the DISC Assessment will be the base for the professional development plan. This activity will substantially improve communication between every member of the group. It also will help to promote more effective leadership styles for all team members. It will also increase the efficiency and productivity of the team for future activities. And more important, it will improve and drive each of us willingness to change for a better leadership role.
A leadership plan is an important part of the professional development and let a person achieve his/her goals in long terms. This plan would be beneficial for each team member, no matter if it is for a current leader, new leader or someone who is inspiring to enter to the leadership world. Planning and organization is the base for the action. When you have a leadership plan in mind, you take the necessary action path for the application, and this is how these plans become to reality.
All these factors are needed to build a vision. Besides, when we write our goals and action plan the commitment and responsibility increase. The capability also increase in order to improve oneself and to reach all objectives that has been established. Definitely, each of us will encounter obstacles throughout the way. However, it is our job to overcome those obstacles. In this way, we can become a stronger and reliable person. As I mentioned before, in order to have a good professional development plan we need to take in consideration some factors:
Evaluate: The development of a leadership plan requires evaluating the strengths and weaknesses as a leader. We need to distinguish the qualities that are found in a good leader and which are the qualities we need to improve.
Establish Goals: Does the objectives include the development of abilities to listen, to better communicate with the members of the team, the application of new strategies in decision making? We need to ensure to cover these points and have in mind why do we want to achieve these goals and what difference will exist in our personal life.
Plan: Knowing what it needs to be accomplished in certain period of time, so we need to take action and achieve those