Leadership And Spiritual Skills Essay

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Leadership and Spiritual Skills
Christopher Naylor
Ohio Christian University

Questionnaire The two questionnaires were developed to gauge individuals on the skills that he or she maintains. The assessments were informative and provided insight about the leadership and spiritual gifts I am assumed to possess. Spirituality and leadership are two functions held in high regard, and if someone holds talents in both sectors that could produce a sleuth of positivity. According to the assessments, my top three spiritual gifts are exhortation, faith, and administration. In addition, I tested as an excellent leader. There is not a concrete manner in which someone should lead. A leader can be spiritual, good, evil, man, or woman.
Leadership Skills Leaders are coveted because they instill belief. A superior leader has an uncanny ability to impart his or her confidence into others. Someone with this gift is often respected and looked upon by others for direction. In accordance with the results from the assessment, I scored in the excellent category for leaders. Many of the scores that I received were consistent with how I perceive myself as a leader. However, I was rated low in reference to motivating people to deliver the vision. This is particularly surprising because I have always been deemed as a charmer. I am known for being able to utilize my soft tone and boy like whit to sway others into fulfilling my motives. For example, my college coach awarded me team captain because he believed I upheld the ability to get others to do more than they are naturally capable. The assessment introduced me to an aspect of leadership that I did not know existed: emotional intelligence. I need to improve in this area because it is a very useful quality to have. Effectively showing empathy or displaying empathic listening can pay dividends as a leader. Garnering the hearts and attention of ones followers can help to sustain their loyalty. This ability will help me as a leading manager because I would like for my followers to uphold the level of drive and work ethic as I. Emotional intelligence will help me identify with individuals’ skills and how each person showed be handled.
Spiritual Gifts In the midst of completing the spiritual gifts questionnaire, I was thinking that I was not confident that I would receive positive feedback. My top three scores were exhortation, faith, and administration. The test provided controversy because my top gift on the spiritual questionnaire was eerily similar to my lowest rated skill in the leadership assessment. I am anticipated to have the capacity to encourage and build others up. In essence, motivating the others who are wavering in faith is a strongpoint and something that I can utilize in management. Oftentimes, individuals in the business world need to be encouraged or reassured about doing his or her job. With the gift of exhortation I may successfully uplift someone’s spirit and help improve upon his or her trial. Hebrews states, “Do not neglect to