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HR Management

Reaction paper II: Leadership

22 May 2013, Wednesday 6pm

Amelia Lee

Leadership, by definition, is the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group. Leadership is a strong attribute to have; this type of person is needed in many different scenarios, for direction and guidance. Leaders are needed in the workplace, education, sports, friendships, and in family. When a group or team goes without a leader communication problems can occur. Also, it is important to have an emotionally stable leader, their emotions are entwined with the social influence process. If a leader acts rash and unstable it is likely the people under them will have similar reactions to stressful situations. A leader should be a person that has the ability to motivate others and create plans that can be executed. When a person is not able to do this without having negative emotions than they are not an effective leader. Personally, I have been a leader many times before. A time where I noticed my emotions had the most impact on a team was when I was the captain of my field hockey team in high school.
Team captains are extremely important, they have a motivational factor that coaches cannot always demonstrate. A team trusts their captain as they’re all playing for the same reason and reaching for the same ultimate goal. A good sports team captain can lead his team to success and recognition; and can help a moderate team play better; whereas, a weak captain with poor leadership skills can hinder a team’s chances of competing and bonding successfully. Like any leader a captain must be motivational while also able to give his or her team advice on how to play the game most effectively. They must be knowledgeable, social, and radiate positive energy to their team, coaches, and fans. Captains can make or break a team's ability to play in unity just as any type of leader can do to his or her team/group. Attributes of a leader will determine whether they will be successful or not before they even attempt to lead their team. First, a captain of a team should have the ability to organize his teammates, this mean playing as a unit. It is important a captain reminds and reinforces his teammates their respective roles in the team. When their individual functions are clearly stated the team will be more harmonious making faster and smarter decisions on the field. Also, being a mentor to teammates is very important since they look up to their captain. Aside from being a very talented player, the team captain also knows the sport inside and out and can therefore give strong advice to teammates.
My personal experience as a team captain was highly enjoyable as I was able to motivate and mentor a team that struggled in the past. I knew the sport inside and out and even went to great lengths to learn more about it; going to camps and informational seminars during the off season. Once I was accepted as a captain I promised my team to always display positive emotions and continuously push us to be the best, not just in skills but in