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In summary, I learnt in the case study that a man called Terrill John was brought to the company to head, he transform the technical service department with some engineers which were already in the company before he came in but they were not performing too good by not making enough productions for the company and at the same time they were been paid well. After the resumption of Terrill in the organization, the department started making enough production, which mean Terrill was working well.
In criticizing and also answering some questions in the case, I think Terrill portraits a good leadership style. ‘Leadership’ can be said to be a process by which a person exert influence over other people and inspires, motivates, and direct their activities to help achieve a group of organizational goal (Daft et al). Terrill call together the engineers and talk with them to know the reason why they were unable to make enough productions for the company and he was told they were been paid well, they answered, we are employed as an engineer and not a report writer, we are been ask to make a report of all what we do on a daily basses and this actually take much of our time so we use the limited time we have to make little productions we are able to. Terrill said to them not to worry anymore about the report writing if that if what makes them not to perform their duty well, I will handle the report myself and if anyone request for the report, refer them to me. The engineers were happy and started making enough productions which automatically brings more profit to the organization. I think Terrill style of leader was a transitional leader. “A transitional leader is a leader who clarifies subordinates role and task requirements, initiates structure, provides rewards and display consideration for subordinates” (Lyman W Porter 2009). Terrill source of power can be classified as a personal power which comprises of the expert power, this is because he achieved his aim because he used his personal knowledge and skills in the task and also referent power which result from his characteristics that command subordinates identification with respect. For instance where I worked back in 2010, I work in a company that produce a Tea called ‘Milo’ there is an department that make the container which the Milo is been filled up in, and another department handle the making of the Milo, I happen to be one of the supervisor in the Milo production department and the our boss was very strict, we couldn’t have the courage to do any other thing when its working hour than working, a friend of mine in the other department that make tell me about their manager with his mode of relationship with the lower staffs how good and friendly it is and also give out a kind of reward to them whenever he has the power, he also give room for suggestion from the lower staffs but he hardly make use of