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Young Leaders Program (YLP) 2015

The Young Leaders Program is designed to train you to be a leader in high school, in your personal life, and in your future career. The program is for students who are interested in changing their society and their lives. We will be discussing, role playing and working on tough issues. This program will meet for 5 days at George Washington University Business School at 2201 G St NW, starting on Monday June 22 and finishing on Friday June 26. Sessions will begin each day at 9:00 a.m. and end by 6 p.m. We will end our graduation on June 26 at 5 pm. You are responsible for arranging your transportation each day and all sites are conveniently Metro accessible. Goals of the program: You will…..

Meet leaders and working professionals in Washington, DC. Learn about leadership from one of the top leadership coaches in America, Anthony Silard, who coaches CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, IBM, GE and Bank of America; small business owners; and the directors of the largest nonprofits around the world such as CARE, The American Red Cross and Save the Children (Anthony holds a Masters in Public Policy focused on Leadership from Harvard University, and over 20 years ago taught at Dunbar, McKinley and Wilson High Schools in Washington DC) Participate in workshops, role plays, and class discussions Learn skills that will enable you to more effectively achieve your personal and professional goals, including higher education and future employment Create a personal Vision Statement and Action Plan Learn job search skills and prepare a professional resume with the help of employees from GALLUP This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to become a leader and put words into action!

Scholarships valued at $750 are available to participate in the Young Leaders Program. Scholarships include all tuition fees, materials, a signed copy of Full Alignment by Anthony Silard (the primary instructor and President of The Center for Social Leadership) and all meals and snacks. The more passion you put into your application, the more likely you are to earn a scholarship. Tell us who you are and why this program is right for you!!! If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please fill out the attached application and return by May 8th to Lily Lazarte, Program Director, at lily@socialleaders.org .

Application * Write a short paragraph for each of the following questions. What skills/contributions would you bring to the YLP program? Skills and contributions I can bring to the YLP program would be my leadership experience at my school clubs such my Future Business Leaders of America. I can bring my cultural background and sharing my experiences as being Nigerian. I can share my college experience of what I learned when I visited colleges. I can also share my experiences of going to conferences such as the DREAM Project.

What are some current challenges that you are facing at school?
My current challenges I face in school are studying for my exams and SOLs. I feel that I don’t fully retain the information I study and that makes it harder for me passed my exams and SOLs. I try looking up online on study tips for these exams and SOLs but they don’t help. These are the current challenges I face in school. How do you think being part of the YLP program will be useful in your future?
I think it will be useful in my future of being part of the YLP program because I can learn to how to write and improve my resume for future jobs, practice public-speaking and improve on my leadership skills. I feel like these skills can help me as a Junior when I start looking for colleges, getting a job and presenting and talking in front of my classes. I feel like missing this opportunity may be missing an experience that will need in the future. Why is it important to you to attend the YLP? I think it’s important