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Article Review on Leadership
Chava Venkata Hari prasad
Project and Change Management
Wilmington University
Paul McKenna

Article Review on Leadership In this article the author shared his view about the leadership approaches in an organization and variable factors that affects the leadership and presented them clearly by using political way of approaches. Leadership has descriptive and prescriptive elements. To understand the difference, one can consider Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King. Jr (Weber, Eric Thomas, 2010). Politic leadership's first task is to distinguish what is public and what is private. In this article the author clearly differentiated the clusters of variables, affecting leadership emergence, stability, and change in organizational networks. The main research from this article is variable effects on leadership approaches which include individual, structural, processual and environmental. In the further passages, I will illustrate about the various variables of leadership approaches.
Individual Variables: Under this concept, the author illustrated clearly regarding the requirements that an individual should have for gaining an appreciation as good leader in an organization. To make it clear, the author explained the concept by considering an organization. In an organization if an employee is in good position in a safer side, there should be a good standing and ideological person who play the main role. He is the political leader in that organization and he have higher levels on safer side. His next one also shares the safer side opportunities. The one who only gets affected with the variables are employees and developing a security in this sector would be difficult. Here the individuals who have political strength himself have leadership quality. In individual variables, we have coalition membership, ideology, constituency, seniority, personality and skills. These individuals play a prominent role in individual’s development of leadership qualities. Stability and skill are the factors of personality, style and skill of incumbents.

Processual Variables:
Processual variables refers to skill and capacity, which is related to leadership. In this there, under this leadership there are four variables where structural and Processual variables are almost same. In an organizational hierarchy the employee turns as a leader by crossing all the levels in a single step. This process of becoming a leader is known as level of position. Under this variable there is a connection between stages of vulnerability and leadership development to challenges. For better results the employee gets the skills and implement them in the company for company’s development.
Structural variables: Various structural variables have major impact on