Essay on Leadership Assessment of Billy Graham

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The Leadership Assessment of Billy Graham

A Paper
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Of the Requirements for the Course
The Life of the Leader
CLED 520

Brian A. Robinson

16 December 2011

Introduction to the Leadership of Billy Graham There are many different types of leaders and leadership styles throughout the many cultures of our world. Most are tied to one certain entity or cause. Although Dr. Billy Graham is tied to God, he is an example of leadership that spans across many different sectors. He has impacted the ministry of America by crossing lines of division among the churches as well as cultural traditions. He is motivated by love of God and that love is
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As an influential leader, he bridged a gap that could have grown during that time and set the example for other Christian leaders. His role in the lives of over ten presidents brought Christ-like influence to the Presidents of the United States of America. This on another level is Billy Graham having Christian influence on the leader of the free world. His relationships with key people were not for his own glory, but for the advancement for the Kingdom of God.
Holistic Spirituality Christianity gets treated like another compartment in life by some people. Some feel that as long as they go to church on Sunday, then they have done what they need to do for the week in the spiritual department. Billy Graham knows and shows that God is not a Sunday, once a week, event. Christianity is life for Dr. Billy Graham. He seems to not draw a line between secular activities and Christian activities in his life. His example of being on mission is the difference in doing something and being something, and Dr. Graham is the example of being a Christian leader.
Process Spirituality of Bill Graham The Billy Graham team saw problems with temptation in the early years of their evangelizing. Billy quickly gathered his team and developed a process to help combat the main temptations that affected the other ministries. He asked the team to go off individually and list the main temptations they see others struggle with. After the allotted time