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Leadership at Home
Importance and Benefits


Why Leadership at Home

I think of developing myself as a leader, I by default evaluate my leadership at work, as any improvements identified by my manager will increase my performance review, as well as set me up for promotions in the future.
It wasn’t until the first day of this leadership class when
John Janetos spoke about being a co-leader to his two sons, dog and cat that it clicked to me; leadership needs to start at home
This was not overly apparent to me before this class, as I am a fairly new parent with two children; two years and nine months. What could be more important to me then developing my own children to become strong leaders, as well as being a solid role model for them

Thought Provoking Quotes

it possible that when people at work blame and whine, it’s because they were taught to do so at home? The

unaccountable parent who goes to work and criticizes others for acting entitled, fails to ask, “Am
I creating entitled children at home?”


parent who asks, “When will my daughter start getting her homework done on time?” but models procrastination at home with the words, “I’ll do it later.” What did I learn?

as parents provide the strongest and earliest influence on our children
By demonstrating leadership at home, our children will also become familiar with the behaviour and will want to follow suit
Training children to be leaders is about quantity, not just quality
Understanding your child's personality allows the parent to develop the child's abilities and remove potential liabilities

What did I learn?

serving the community as a leader, sets the foundation for your children to serve the community in the future
If we only develop others at work, the cycle of poor leadership in the workplace will continue on
◦ Leadership takes time to develop, if we develop our children at a young age we ensure that they posses strong leadership skills as they enter the workplace, which will ultimately improve leadership as a whole in the working world

Personal Insights

feel that I have been more focused on trying to be a leader in the workplace then I have at home. Being young and ambitious,
I want to progress quickly with in my company and I have put a lot of my leadership efforts in at work, but then leave them there
My family is the most important thing to me, and always will be, so why am I not giving them my best?
Being a strong leader in the workplace can be exhausting, which is why I feel it is often overlooked at home
I do believe I am still being a