Essay on Leadership: Basketball and Book Enders Game

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Just as Andrew “Ender” Wiggins, in the book Enders game by Orson Scott Card I too was pushed into a leadership role on may different teams. Throughout the book we were able to see how Ender developed into one of the most successful leaders the space school had ever seen. I do not believe I’m the best leader any of my past coaches have seen, however I do believe I have shown signs of being a very successful one. When Ender arrived at camp he was very silent and did not want to cross any boundaries, or make the older kids think he was trying to come in and take over. I was the same way when I arrived at Eastern Connecticut State University my freshman year. Although I was very talented and one of the best players on my team I did not really try to take on that leadership role. I sat back and listened when my coaches spoke as well as when the senior captains did. When Ender was on the ship on the way to camp he wasn’t thrown off for long by the lack of gravity, his commander Graff realized this and told all the other students to take note of how intelligent Ender really was. The same went for me, in practice I would not say much, however, I would hear my coaches on the side telling other girls who weren’t finishing layups or getting blocked to watch how I use my body to get to the glass. I would also hear them say things like watch how she plays defense, or that every leader did not necessarily have to be a vocal leader as long as they led by example.
In the story the Unlikely Disciple the main character Kevin Roose takes the Initiative to broaden his journalism literature and go to a school way out of his comfort level. Although Kevin was not unhappy he left Brown for a semester and went to Liberty out of curiosity. When I was at Eastern I was not very happy there, mainly due to what I had to deal with on the basketball team. I was a very talented freshman and I would receive the freshman of the week award, or even player of the week award from time to time. A few of the upper classmen would make smart remarks and say I only won these awards because I am Black or they would mock my name. I felt as though it was time for me to transfer school, I felt as though I was on a team where the people would make racist comments and