Leadership: Change and Football Team Essay

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Leadership is a procedure of communal impact in that one person is able to recruit the assistance and support of others in the accomplishment of a task. (Chemers,1997) .Every organization requires leadership whether it is a school,hospital or a football team. In a football team there are managers instead of CEO's . Like companies change their CEO's after a certain period , a football team also changes its managers after every season (De Dios Tena, J and Forrest, D (2007). Thus, in most of the football teams, managers are often changed when the team is not performing well.The same thing prevails in a company ,when price of the company shares go down it often leads to termination of the managers working in the top management.However, tests performed by (Jerold B.,Ross L,1988) proves that there is not a direct relationship between the change in the prices of stock and changing managers working at top level. It also indicates that poor performance can never be because of the immediate happenings and can be two years old.When a team is under-performing the manager is grasped accountable and is probable to be replaced. If a extra competent substitute is retained and can circumvent his predecessor’s errors, presentation ought to enhance post-succession. In the “vicious circle” theory, poor presentation inclines to trigger managerial change, but the disruptive result inclines to make matters inferior not better,these are the three theories by(Gamson and scotch,1964) . Changing managers in any game whether its football,basketball,baseball or cricket will only give rise to controversies rather than than the rankings. But, (Koning,2003) estimated the dutch premier league in the four seasons. In the first season that is from (1993-1994), he noticed that by changing managers when the team is underperforming can actually bring good results on field.However, in (1996-1997) , it was noticed that even after firing the managers the team performance did not change .As, discussed