Essay on Leadership: Communication and Organizational Communication Demands

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A. According to the journal of education for business communication Building on the repetitive assertions of researchers and writers of reviewed articles, the following list of communication skills emerge as most important to meet organizational communication demands.

A leader must be effective at using communication skills to communicate mission, values, and the ability to communicate energy been openly, and honestly. Also, inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, and confidence are some of the examples.

1. Arousing enthusiasm: the ability to inspire a whole-hearted devotion to an ideal cause, study or pursuit, or merely being visibly excited about what one’s doing 2. Being a change catalyst 3. Creating group synergy 4. Building team bonds 5. Expressing encouragement 6. Providing motivation

B. According to Justin, Hong (business, 2014)

You must lead by example

1. Work side-by-side with your team 2. Follow-through on everything you say 3. Always give your undivided attention 4. Recognize challenges as opportunities for growth


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