Essay on Leadership: Debut Albums and New Life

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Today as I set forth out of the prison finally ready to start my new life, but how can I start a new life after going through such a time knowing everyone is against me. Feeling their eyes penetrating deep beyond the scarlet letter which lays upon my chest, being an example for their children.
There was still now way I was going to give up on life, at least not on my baby. I must find the courage inside of me to push on and endeavor the pain which finds me in my dreams every night haunting my every moment in this new life. Knowing that I will never be able to set another impression on someone is an excruciating pain on someone’s heart.
Even with the sudden impulse to leave this forsaken town filled with people talking behind my back not even giving me the time of day, I know I must stay to possibly connect with my other half and the father of my child. Also I must stay within the town I committed my sin to accept the full punishment and learn from what I have done.
With everyone in the town hating and resenting me it was an easy choice when I came across a small thatched cottage on the outside of town. Although the ground will be difficult in starting a garden I plan on making my living with my delicate hands by sewing garments for the rich and the needy.
I started out slow but once people started seeing my work I had made a living. I sold mostly to the rich or people in power, to people attending funerals, and to mothers in search of good linen for their babies. With