What Is Your Definition Of Leadership After Completing This Course?

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1 – What is your definition of leadership after completing this course? After completing this course, my view about leadership has changed in many ways. I define leadership as a sense of self-worth. A leader is a person who someone can look up to and count on to guide and encourage them in everything they do, someone who inspires and motivates. Leadership is having the ability to inspire and influence others toward a common goal. It is important for a leader to have empathy, to understand what drives other team members and how these factors are affected by an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. A leader is someone who is a role model, sets good examples, makes good choices and becomes a person that others seek to follow and desire to be like. The most successful business leaders are those who encourage and inspire through their consistent actions, words and behavior.

2 – For this section, you are to set a specific leadership goal for yourself in the next 12 months. This could be a position of leadership, a leadership role, or a leadership initiative you want to undertake. It can be in any context—your work, community, student organization, sports team, etc. A specific leadership goal that I am will achieve in the next 12 months is becoming VP of Membership for my sorority. This is an executive board position where I would lead the chapter during recruitment and play a key role in the future of the sorority by determining membership goals and objectives. Every organization needs to consciously grow their membership and decide what direction and outcomes they actively want to achieve for their group. This is a time consuming job as I will be responsible for organizing everything regarding new membership---from setting membership goals, scouting out potential new sisters, to the frenzy of actual recruitment and finally deciding which potential girls meet the criteria we are seeking and which ones we want to eliminate. The rush process alone includes several rounds, each consisting of different ways to explain to the potential new members what Delta Zeta is all about.

3 - Next, consider your strengths as identified with the StrengthsFinder Assessment in this course. Discuss the following:
a) How will you utilize your strengths in achieving the specific leadership goal you have set in #2.
I will utilize my strengths in achieving the leadership goal of becoming VP of membership by utilizing all five strategic strengths to have the maximum amount of potency. Communication, positivity, relator, woo, and strategic all can interplay in a dynamic process to help ensure I am able to achieve my desired results and achieve my goal. Communication is a main strength I will need to use as I will be the liason between existing members, the executive board and potential new members. I have to be able to communicate with my sorority sisters during recruitment as well as the potential new members when we are rushing them. In an era of competition among sororities on campus, I will be required to explain and market our sorority to young women from all walks of life and persuade them that Delta Zeta is the best sorority down the row.
My next strength, woo, comes into play when meeting a potential new member and wanting them to consider Delta Zeta as the sorority of their choice. I am successful at getting others to believe what I say and winning them over, I am comfortable selling and I employ a positive, friendly approach that helps put others at ease and creates interest. In addition, I understand what most of them are hoping to get out of a sorority affiliation and use that as a tactic to help promote Delta Zeta. When you believ you are the most prestigious sorority on campus and you project that in everything you do, it is apparent to others and they want to be a part of it. I am in sales already at my job and know firsthand the satisfaction that occurs when I make a real connection with others.
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