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Leadership And Organisational change in Tesco

Unit Title: (SHR006-2 Leadership and OB) Submission Date: (22nd March 2013) Cohort Tutor: (Jane Mason)

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Executive Summary


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1.1 In-depth evaluation of terms ‘Leadership’ and ‘Organisational Change’.
1.2 Key challenges and implications facing Philip Clarke.
1.3 Smooth transition into building public confidence



Executive Summary This report provides an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the terms Leadership and Organisational change and what each term offers in an organisational context. Methods of analysis that were discovered through my findings were different styles of leadership and different types of organisational change. The results of my findings are that leadership effectively decides whether organisational change can be controlled and that organisational change is a factor that cannot be monitored as it occurs throughout every organisation and is a factor that makes or breaks a business. The report finds out the necessary principles that new CEO Philip Clarke has to take on board and the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to regain public confidence.


In this report that is based on Leadership and Organisational change in Tesco, as a hired consultant directed by the new CEO of the company Philip Clarke, this report will centre on the key issues that may follow Phillip Clarke as Tesco deal with the resigning of the companies charismatic CEO since 1997 Sir Terry Leahy, who has been largely responsible for the transformation and success of Tesco since he came into the business. Moreover, this report shall go into further analysis of the terms ‘Leadership and ‘Organisational Change’ and what they actually mean to an organisation and the effect they can have on such an established company such as Tesco’s. Finally this report shall also highlight the key challenges and opportunities facing Philip Clarke as he transitions into Tesco as the new CEO and furthermore what Philip Clarke can do in order to make a smooth power transition and how he can most importantly increase public confidence. 1.1: In-depth evaluation of key terms

When discussing Leadership and Organisational change in regards to Tesco, Leadership is a necessary factor that needs to be established, as without a clear guidance of leadership, an establishment will not be able to function as a whole. When identifying the definition of the term ‘Leadership’ there is not a universal definition that is accepted, therefore showing that the term is defined by whatever one wants to make it. However leadership can be defines as1” a process through which an individual harnesses and influences the actions and behaviour of other people to a worthwhile vision and cause.
Every organisation needs a leader to pave the wave and show how one should act and behave within an organisation, moreover a leader can also strive to help individuals achieve organisational goals and success.
A leader’s work is to instil a sense of purpose and passion to the work that the organisation undertakes. Therefore, the role of a leader is highly important in any establishment , as a leader emphasises human performance meaning that the social skills that a leader possesses encourages staff members To better their performance levels. Without leaders at every level of an organisation, an organisation may in fact under-perform due to the aid of authority not