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Within your high school experience, how have you demonstrated leadership skills? Give specific examples.

Leadership skills are developed through honesty, delegation, communication, confidence and commitment. Throughout my high school career, I have vastly used these qualities to take initiative. I have found leadership roles in sports and in certain groups. I spend the majority of my time playing softball, both school and travel. My travel coach continuously asks for my advice on lineups and executive decisions, such as what to do in specific situations, and asks me to “pump my girls up” before a big game. He has referred to me plenty of times as his team captain, which is a huge honor. During my school ball career as a freshman playing Varsity softball, I injured my knee and was unable to play, however, my teammates voted me as the 2012 Trojan Award recipient. This award is a leadership honor that comes from positive attitude and optimistic outlooks that are rubbed off onto fellow players. I also received the 2013 Trojan Award, but this year it was voted on by my coaches.. I finally had the honor of playing as a sophomore on Varsity, and Coach bragged when she presented the award that I was a continuous voice on the field and had a contagious attitude that rubbed off onto my fellow players. I have currently been voted on by my peers as Student Body Vice President. I believe this acclamation may show that my fellow students trust me and