Leadership Experience Essay

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Iana Lukina
What did I learn from my leadership class?

There are lots examples of organizations in which everything seems to be done right, but something is still missing. They have no soul. There is nothing that can breathe life into the administrative system. They exist without faith, love, and hope. They are doomed to such a gray existence, unless there is a person or a team of associates who discover the essence and meaning in this frozen system. Such a person is called a leader and a role in which he operates - leadership. How do people become leaders? With experience, with age or from birth?
In order to rise to the top, you need to have everything to climb. A person, who has the courage to go forward or up, needs two things. He
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* Talk to close friends and relatives. I can give them a piece of paper or tape, on which they will have to write down all the bad things that they see in you, and everything that they love. It is advisable to ask the closest friends, and to have the number of good and bad traits about the same. We must not be afraid of everything said and listen up. We should not be upset, and take into consideration a new ideas and knowledge. * Write on a sheet of paper, my drawbacks and the reasons that not allow achieving what you want, and then burn it. This procedure can be carried out several times to achieve better results. I should not be afraid to be honest with myself. I need to write everything that comes to mind. The psychologists consider that we should be very honest with ourselves. * Every day celebrate my successes. At the end of the day, before going to bed, I should write down in a notebook everything that I was able to do today. This will help me to adjust myself on doing things outlined in the plan for the next day. Whatever happens, there must be written something at each date. This exercise will help to identify weaknesses and to make a plan of "self-correction".
Who, if not me? This is a universal question that everyone needs to ask himself, including a leader. If a want to be a good leader, I should ask it every time, when I find it difficult, when I give up, when I lose interest in the work. There are situations when nobody can