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Answer 1: - “Leadership is the process by which leaders and followers develop a relationship and work together towards a goal within an environment context shaped by cultural norms and values” (Perruci, 2011). I would definitely concur with the above definition of leadership, where leaders are required to be adaptive, make adjustments for a team to work together to achieve the desired goal. Without followers, there exist no leaders, and vice versa. The followers and the leaders work together, where the leader is well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the follower, understand, motivate them and drive everyone towards the achievement of goals. Leadership according to me refers to the act of being authentic, being transparent, understanding the followers about their needs, making everyone feel empowered, and has influence on others. Effective leaders are coherent to what they feel and what they speak, thus proving themselves. Leadership should be followed by enthusiasm, passion to do something. For an effective leader, self awareness is must which relates to knowing your strength and weaknesses, and being audacious to admit mistakes to learn out of them. Effective leaders are to the people, by the people and for the people. They are not self serving.
The older definition of leadership believed in a leader who worked to achieve success, and sets an example for the rest of the world. Gradually, the concept of leadership has changed with the effectiveness to class. Leadership is not all about just getting the work done, it is developing a relationship with the subordinate or rather followers in such a way that it motivates them to accomplish goals. Effective leaders are competitive, at the same time empathetic or compassionate, strong and showing tenderness simultaneously. Being a good orator does not necessarily claim a good leader; it is being humble, modest, understanding everyone thus capable of moving the group forward, boosting morale and motivating the society as a whole. Making decision for an effective leader is beyond the existing stereotypes, a leader needs to be rational, and make decision based on the values of choices, and sometimes be a risk taker thus setting an example for the society.

Answer 2: -
After gaining an insight from reading Bolman & Deal’s book, Reframing Organization, it is apparent that for effectiveness of any organization, the firms should adopt an integrated approach. The book basically demonstrates how different people involved in an organization have different or multiple perspectives, and the skills essential for applying these multiple perspective in the same organizational event. After learning about the four frames- structural, human resource, political, and symbolical framework, which basically looks at the events from different viewpoints and prevents individual biasness. Usually people are in dilemma that there is only one approach to solve the problem, but the idea of framework provides four different approaches to look at the problem, and simplifies the complex process. Integrating all the four frameworks help applying and extending each framework in diverse situations. Each framework is necessary thus integrating the frameworks would help solving the organizational problems.
The Human resource framework resonates more with me since, this framework helps in enhancing your skills, developing interpersonal relationships. Everybody wants to interact socially, so this framework helps in extending the family and lay emphasis on support and empowerment through participation and attempts to gain the resources people need to do a job well.
The organization I had been working was IBM, which basically provided an opportunity to have a voice as unique group and contribute to the broader, organizational strategic goals, contributed to its structural framework. The top management from the human resource perspective looks the organization where with employees it