Essay on Leadership: Hurricane Katrina and Prodisee Pantry

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I have had the unique opportunity to work with a program that has been critical in serving the needs of the local community. The Prodisee Pantry is a food bank that was started through my local church. Community need and volunteer and sponsorship dedication has expanded this program to a self-contained warehouse and distribution center. My first experience working with the Pantry was following Hurricane Ivan and then Hurricane Katrina. When Ivan hit, I worked through my church with the Prodisee
Pantry to help. The outpouring of service and community that I witnessed had a tremendous influence on me to want to participate in areas that help those in need.
While commitments to academics, athletics, and other volunteer obligations have made it more difficult to participate fully, the Prodisee Pantry is still the program to which I volunteer my available time. This non-profit service ministry has grown to serve the needs of more than 250 families each week.
I now volunteer as a personal member of the team. I work behind the scenes sorting food, constructing and loading boxes, and then stacking filled boxes for distribution to the families. I have had the extreme pleasure of working with some wonderful volunteers who have demonstrated to me what it means to give of myself for the benefit of others. I have learned to carry myself in a professional and positive manner and have gained a real appreciation for working to accomplish a task. While the work in the warehouse