Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies
For my writing assignment on the movie Lord of the Flies I chose to do question number 4. In the movie Lord of the Flies there are two main characters or leaders, a kid named Jack and a kid named Ralph. When the kids survived the plane crash and came to the island Ralph was looked up to as the leader. Everybody was listening to Ralph because he stayed calm, had a positive attitude and had smart ideas and things to say. Ralph was calm enough to be the leader and tell the other kids what to do so that they would be able to survive. Ralph took charge and gave each person a job to do so that things would get done faster. The first decision that Ralph made was to find fresh clean water. After he took charge and told kids to find food, help build a shelter and to get a fire going. Once these things were done he had people to keep hunting and spear fishing so that they could have real food. Ralph represents a dictatorship kind of roll. Ralph allows other kids to say what they want but Ralph is the one who tells everyone what to do. Ralph is only thinking of survival and getting off the island by doing work all the time. Ralph was appealing because he was a higher rank and had good ideas about how to handle the situation that they were in. Ralph’s character in modern day would be like the leader of a country that is under a dictatorship. After a couple days of being told what to do Jack stood up to Ralph and told him that the kids still have to have fun and not to do so much work all the time. Jack had enough of doing work so he started to have fun. Some of the other kids saw what Jack was doing and started to follow him. Ralph wasn’t happy about what Jack was doing but Jack didn’t care what Ralph said or did. When Jack went to make a new camp on the other side he only had a few people follow him. Jack started to hunt and bragged about the good meat they were eating and the feasts they were having more and more kids started to follow and