Leadership in Manchester United Essay

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Leading is the ability to influence people to work towards achieving set objectives. It involves motivating and directing employees. (Schermerhorn, 2014, p. 339). Leading is important in today’s world because it is critical that a manger is able to lead and motivate its people in order for that organization to succeed. With the correct use of leading, mangers are able to provide the team and the organization on what they need most from them, which is to be able to navigate their employees through change, make the tough decision and focus efforts on productively on most important tasks. (Gaines and Wilson, n.d, p. 1)
So what is leading in terms of its features? Leading is the balance of the use of authority, power and leadership. Authority is the right for the manger to issue directives; power is the mangers ability to get others to do something while leadership is the use of communication to influence others to get the job done
(Schermerhorn, 2014, p. 361) These Aspect are important in how discussion as it will help us get a better understanding on why Manchester United successfully used this management function.
To examine how Manchester used leadership we will focus on the management techniques of Sir Alex Ferguson who not only improved the team but also made it the most successful club in English football (Elberse, 2012, p. 1). Ferguson brought the best out his players by his use of authority, power and his leadership. He was strict with in reason as he stamped his authority, allowing no prima donnas with in the team. This showed them that there was no individual larger then the club (Elberse and Ferguson, 2013, p. 6-7). He also used legitimate power, which is the ability to influence through authority (Schermerhorn, 2014, p. 341). He felt it was important not to give the power to the players, as it will cause managers to lose control on the team.
Ferguson would act quickly to any player that was a negative influence as his felt his team must recognize him as the manager and that he had the status to control events. He also argued that if he did his job right then the players would respect him and the question of if his players liked him wouldn’t be important (Elberse and
Ferguson, 2013, p. 7-8). Ferguson was also a