Leadership: Leadership and Natural Born Leader Essay

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Leadership is a characteristic that is needed to both inspire and promote involvement around the community whether in school, a local community, a family, or a career. Being a leader is often defined as stepping up and taking charge. However, it can also mean much more. Promoting positive change and getting group involvement is just as important. Throughout my life I’ve always considered myself a natural born leader. I’ve taken up leadership positions in all aspects of my life, such as school clubs, the community, my job, and in my everyday life activities. Each of the leadership positions I’ve held have made a change in my close environment for the better. Getting involved in school clubs at my high school is very important. Not only for college applications, but also for being with friends and other people who share similar ideas and interests. My first club leadership position was in a Futsal Club that both me and a friend helped set up. As a leader of the club I helped get new members to join, motivated members to come to meetings, and made sure everyone had a good time. The differences the club made for our school wasn’t big or significant. We just provided an outlet away from the stressful lives of school, grades, and homework and created a fun filled environment. I’ve also been a very active leader in my local community. I proved to be a leader even without being in a leadership position. Being in a position of power doesn’t necessarily automatically make someone a leader; what makes someone a leader is how they take charge of situations and make decisive decisions for the greater good. I was in this position within my community. I took charge and made a difference. The difference I made greatly impacted those families with physically and mentally disabled children. I would dedicate hours of my weekend to helping those children live life and teach them how to play soccer. This impact I made for these kids also impacted me and the way I view the world. It taught me that simple things in life such as having interactions with someone and playing brings as much joy to them as Christmas morning. Being a leader in the community is similar to proving to be a leader on the job. It requires stepping up and doing what needs to be done to make that positive difference. I work at a local pizza restaurant. I often times work nights and afternoons anywhere between three and five times a week. Serving customers quality food and service is our number one priority but during the afterhours it requires a leader to step up. I make a difference on the job. I think more of the people who open tomorrow than what time I go home. As an employee I will step up and clean and make all